Tuesday, 18 May 2010

David Axelrod - Holy Thursday (1968)

A cheeky surge of strings on a record gets me EVERY time. At a Spiritualized gig a few years ago, the combination of a variety of exotic cakes, an hour and a half of being bombarded with strobe lights, a gospel choir going full tilt and about 500 silver balloons falling from the ceiling left me at the point where a 32 piece orchestra crashing in on everything literally reduced me to a weeping buffoon. But it was DEFINITELY the strings that did it.

David Axelrod has made loads of tunes that you already know. DJ Shadow, Dre and DJ Premier have all sampled the ass of his stuff. He's made records with a massive variety of musicians and across genres. Funk, soul, jazz, classical, psychedelic rock, hip hop... the chap gets around. He's had a career lasting over 50 years and he's broken more boundaries than John Leslie on Meow Meow.

This mind-melting tune is one of 3 that I've got lined up on my funeral playlist. It's all about the strings...

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