Sunday, 16 May 2010

Harlem - "Gay Human Bones"

This blog isn't just going to be about me digging in the crates for old obscure shit you may or may not have heard before, oh no sirree bob. It's about new obscure shit you may or may not have heard, too.

So, the very firstest CHOON... evah! on this mighty blog comes from a band called HARLEM, who confusingly hail from Austin, Texas.

Loads of the reviews for this album have gone on about the Pixies (and in some cases Nirvana) influence on these chaps. There's definitely a little bit of Joey Santiago in the guitars, but if you go in expecting a Surfer Rosa / Doolittle kind of experience you're going to be disappointed.

What they do very, very well is simple, "Nuggets"-y rock'n'roll with a high chirp factor and a nifty sideline in weird lyrics. This is the lead single from the new album "Hippies", and I reckon it's a corker...


  1. Thanks for this mate - top idea, and a rod for your own back!! Look forward to seeing what you post - keep 'em coming!

  2. interesting first choice lol, maybe monday inspired but i was expecting something with a driving beat. still, good idea and better that your doing it. one less paving stone on the way to hell now.