Wednesday, 19 May 2010

World Of Twist - Sons Of The Stage (1991)

World Of Twist were cool. They were proper cool. They had the lot - killer tunes, they were cool as fuck, druggy, poppy, dancey, rocky, a cool frontman and an UNBEFREAKINGLIEVABLE live show. I saw them once and Tony Ogden, the lead singer, did a whole gig standing about 15 ft in front of a wind machine on full tilt. Just because it looked cool. They had 2 band members who just looked after the lightshow, ferchrisakes. Cool. There was even a band member called MC Shells (she's the one in the video sitting in a er... shell.) who's job description was "Swirls and Seanoises". Also cool.

Obviously, a band with such a mentalist streak was always going to fall out spectularly with their record company, and that's exactly how the cookie crumbled. 3 brilliant singles were followed by a patchy debut album which was basically a tug of war between the band and the uncool producer imposed on them by the uber-uncool men with the chequebooks. Disheartened by the machinations of the music industry, Tony Ogden decided he no longer wanted to be the singer, but still wanted to be in the band. Cool.

And that was that for the World Of Twist.The various chaotic creative influences in the band started turning on each other... rumours abound of a legendary lost second album (obviously cool) but no recording has ever seen the light of day (even fucking cooler). Tragically, both Ogden and drummer Nick Sanderson have since shuffled off this mortal coil. We'll never see the likes of this lot again. They were cool. For a brilliant, brief time they were the best band in the world. And the coolest. Man, were they cool.

"There's nothing you can do 'cos there is no solution, you've gotta get down to the noise and confusion"


  1. One top tune every day. Yeah - apart from when youre on your hols, like. Sheesh.